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         Last November, we had the privilege to visit this beautiful and friendly country. It was a trip to be remembered.

          I had the opportunity to share the Life to a group of people and they were very receptive. What amazed was that later, almost the same group was together again to discuss the entire subject that I taught. It was very touching.

          Of course now we have more challenges. How can we go to a country and come back with no challenges? Everywhere we went there, people were asking for changes. They were not asking for money nor clothes, but for improvements in their lives.

          The first place we went to was to Cacheu.  
          Cacheu is a historical city. It was the main place to send slaves to the world, even to Brazil. We are already working in this place, and together with the leadership we have there, we are going to start a school for 80 kids in a village close to this place, next January.
          The second place we went was to an island close to Bissau, the capital. The place for itself is amazing and people so lovely. From the moment we touch the island, people were coming to us and ask for us to establish a worship place in that island. Of course we’ve accepted the challenge. I think that during the last week of December we will be there praising and worshiping our God with them.
           New challenges for us are new challenges for you as well. Pray for resources. We will need monthly $450.00 to supply both projects ($350.00 for the school and $100.00 for the worship center).
           Open your heart and let our God talk to you. Be one of our partners in these projects.
           You can see some pictures at our Media Gallery / Guinea Bissau / Our trip to Guinea-Bissau

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2- You can send your check to:

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Dr. Joliam Sampaio & Supplying Seeds Board of Directors

If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your seed's donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in this country

Two SSM Children Development Centres are open now in West Bengal State in India.




              Supplying Seeds Ministries in Pakistan now has a partnership with a Brazilian association and together we were able to open three Sewing Centers for Widows.


       We are working with the seeds you are sowing in Supplying Seeds.

       The work is done not only when we go there. Because we believe and do leadership training, even when we are not in the fields, the work keeps going on.

        Now in the school we went in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, another class is been taught there: Oral Hygiene. The young lady, who helped us, now is teaching kids in this area. You can see the pictures on our Media Gallery (Teaching Oral Hygiene / Afghanistan) on "Kabul 2" album.

        Next month 52 kids are getting daily snacks in a school in Kabul because you have been sowing your seeds in Afghanistan.

        Project Afghanistan is not a challenge anymore. Now it is a reality. It is "Your seeds in action".

          SSM keeps counting on people like you. You seeds make the difference in Afghanistan. With your monthly seed of only US$6.00 (R$12,00 – Brazil) per kid, or with US$300.00 (R$600,00 - Brazil) for the whole project, you can help SSM to change this picture giving to one kid a daily snack during school hours.

            Join us in this Project in Afghanistan.

If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your missions' donations to Supplying Seeds. Your seed will make a difference.

Supplying Seeds Board of Directors


         A new season is coming to this nation.

         Bhutan is going to be reached by young people full of dreams and new purposes.