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Supplying Seeds and Mercy Angels - Now In Partnership

             Mercy Angels Pakistan (MAP) got the opportunity to make an international alliance with Supplying Seeds Ministries (SSM). It is a great privilege for us to work with SSM in Pakistan.

             We distributed some food items to flood victim families and children. We also arranged prayer meetings before the food distribution and the people are praying for the people who are providing them food. We are also thankful for SSM that supported us to reach our brothers and sisters in the time of need and we pray that may God give them the reward to them according to HIS covenant. 

             On the border of India and Pakistan there are many small villages where the cultivation of crops and livestock are the main source of income for the residents. The damage by the flood is more than the damage we have seen last year. Almost everybody lost their ready crops, house, and livestock. Our team visited the area after and during the flood in some of the villages where the approach was comparatively easy.

              The flood water remained in the villages almost 10 days and it destroyed many houses and all the crops and fruits around. Our team again went there with some food items and snacks for children.

              We visited the area and distributed food to the flood victims. The living condition after flood is very terrible, no clean water to drink, no electricity, very hot and humid weather, people are suffering with water born diseases. We have seen many patients suffering from malaria, eye infections, skin problems and stomach upsets. There is a very urgent need of medicines and mosquito nets to avoid mosquito bites that develops ultimately Dengue fever that took many lives in Lahore and peripheries this year.

              We are in planning to arrange free medical camps in these areas and to distribute free mosquito nets to these villages (US$5.00 each one). Dependable on the funds we will raise. Please pray for us………
                 During this last visit, 45 families were assisted by us. These are the details of the food items that we purchased and took with us for distribution:
  • 50 bags of Flour (10kg / 22Lbs) each.
  • 100 packs of Biscuits.
  • 120 packs of Snacks.
  • 25 packs of Custard (a type of food to be prepared with milk).
  • 120 packs of Slanty (snacks for children).
  • 36 packs of Noodles.
  • 36 packs of Jelly.
             Please keep us on your prayers asking our God to provide finances for the Free Medical camps in flood affected villages, Mosquito repellent and nets for the flood victims.
              You can see some pictures at our Media Gallery / Pakistan / Assisting People

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2- You can send your check to:

Supplying Seeds Ministries
P.O. Box 20156
Scranton, PA - 18502 – USA


Dr. Joliam Sampaio, Supplying Seeds & Mercy Angels Pakistan Board of Directors

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