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Supplying Seeds at a Glance

        Supplying Seeds Ministries aim to support national leaders that can, in a short term period, with less financial support, get better results on sharing The Life because they live and have in the same culture, habits, way of living, and language of their people. This support comes as a monthly or annual offering to those workers, leadership training, spiritual covering and support so they can do their work more efficiently in their own countries.

           We hope that these projects can touch your heart in such a way that from now on you can be not only one more visitor of this site, but someone who will be helping us telling others about our ministry and also sowing in these projects that bring the spreading out Life to the unreached people.

           We believe from the bottom of our heart that no ministry by itself can achieve the dimension of these projects without being working together with other persons, ministries and organizations. We also believe that you can participate with us so we can make things easier for national workers in all countries that we have been working inside the 10/40 Window, and in other countries like Brazil.

           Supplying Seeds is open to receive invitations to go and present its project. We currently have pictures of some presentations we've made. Please feel free to contact us so we can go to your place and share our vision and projects. You can visit our contacts or send an invitation by mail.


             We are waiting for you to come and embrace these projects with us.


                      In July, 1985, I had my first experience and involvement with a missionary project. Being a dentist, I was invited to participate with "Asas de Socorro" (Mission Aviation Fellowship - MAF in Brazil) in a pioneer project called AMDE (Medical, Dental and Spiritual Assistance) to go to three cities in the North part of the State of Goias, where I used to live in Brazil, and to two indigenous tribes in the South part of another Brazilian State, Para.


                   We worked during the day in our professions, one physician, one nurse and myself as a dentist and during the night we were sharing Life with them.

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Our hisory

                 It was such an amazing experience that caused us to enlarge our vision about missions and for the very first time, to experience some dangerous situation. It took my wife and I to a different level of life.

                Thirteen years later, 1998, my wife and I gave up on our professions in Brazil and following directions, we came to the USA and we've started a ministry with a missionary vision, New Covenant Fellowship in Taylor, Pennsylvania. Even being a small ministry with few members, we began to support some local leaders in Asia and also in Europe, and in 2008, the mission project became a ministry, Supplying Seeds Ministries. Now, as Supplying Seeds we are working in 22 countries.

                 As you are seeing this brief presentation of SSM project, we are praying  so you can come and  participate with us with your prayers and financial support through your seeds of love in this ministry.

                 Come, let's work together and sow in His fields,

          Dr. Joliam, Claudia Sampaio & Supplying Seeds Board of Directors 

 If you desire to be our partner with SSM, just go to Donations and send us your missions' donations to Supplying Seeds. Together we can make difference in other people's lives.


Today there are over 1500 children looked after in our Children Development Centers. Many of the families and children have come to Christ through this ministry.


At least once a year we go to some of the countries we are working in to train and visit local leaders. We gather together in a specific city in each country with leaders we support. They come for receive lectures in Discipleship, Leadership, Relationship in the Church and family and World Missions.


We are not only, helping, supporting and giving to local workers an offering, we are also committed and sharing the good news in those countries.


Supplying Seeds is committed not only to go and make Disciples all Nations but also to supply local workers with financial seeds so they can work and dedicate more of their time taking care of His Kingdom expansion in their places.


                Supplying Seeds has been organized as a non-profit organization for the purpose of spreading The Life throughout the nations; assisting kids with school tuition, daily meals, uniforms,  medical assistance, school tutoring and materials; teaching oral hygiene; training local leaders; helping and supporting local leaders in  the USA and also in other countries; mentoring leaders who are willing to be and to participate with us in this ministry;  and engaging in fund raising, charitable, and educational projects to support projects in the USA and in other countries.

                  Now we are working in 22 countries in almost all continents, assisting more than 50 local leaders, 1.500 kids, and some projects focused on specific youth groups and widows. We surely believe that ..."Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness"; and we do believe that it is our responsibility to take care of those who are living now in needy places. 

                   Come, know us more, and participate with us with your financial support.